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Book Editing

This is MoonMedia Creative, where literary dreams are refined and polished to perfection. Our Book Editing and Proofreading Services are designed for authors who seek not just a professional touch but a passionate commitment to bringing their stories to life with clarity and precision.

Precision Editing for Literary Excellence:

Embark on a journey of manuscript refinement with our precise editing services. We delve into your narrative, addressing structural nuances, plot coherence, and character development to ensure your story unfolds seamlessly.


Grammar Guardians and Punctuation Prowess:

No detail is too small. Our proofreading services go beyond the surface, meticulously examining grammar, punctuation, and syntax. We are the guardians of your manuscript's linguistic integrity, ensuring a polished, error-free final product.


Consistency Across the Narrative:

Maintaining consistency is paramount in storytelling. We diligently ensure that tone, style, and language align harmoniously throughout your manuscript, providing a cohesive and immersive reading experience.


Thorough Line-By-Line Review:

Every line matters. We at MoonMedia conduct a thorough line-by-line review, addressing not only grammatical errors but also refining sentence structure and word choice. The result is a manuscript that flows effortlessly and captivates your readers from start to finish.

Developmental Editing: Dive deep into the structure and content of your manuscript. Our developmental editors assess and reshape your narrative to ensure your story achieves its fullest potential, maintaining consistency, thematic depth, and engaging storytelling.


Copy Editing: Perfect your manuscript with meticulous attention to grammar, syntax, and style. Our copy editors focus on polishing your text, eliminating errors, and refining the voice to ensure clarity and readability without compromising your unique style.


Proofreading: The final polish before publication. Our proofreaders meticulously scour your text for any lingering errors, ensuring your manuscript is flawless and print-ready.


Genre-Specific Editing: Whether you're writing fantasy, science fiction, non-fiction, or any other genre, our editors have the expertise to tailor their approach to meet the conventions and expectations of your specific genre.

And more, contact us now to learn more.

Pricing and Timing Breakdown

Every manuscript is unique and everyone's editing needs are different so we don't have prices set in stone. Shoot us a message, let's discuss your novel and find a price that works for both of us. 


Intrigued? Have questions? 

I'm thrilled to provide a complimentary review of a sample from your document (up to 1,500 words). It's a great way to see my approach firsthand.

Not sure which editing service suits your needs? A sample can also help me understand your style, enabling me to offer tailored recommendations. Consultations are available at an hourly rate; just let me know what you'd like to discuss, and I'll arrange a session and provide a quote.

Estimated Turnaround Times

The timeline for your project depends on its specifics. Share the details and required services, and I'll provide you with an estimated timeframe. Let's embark on this literary journey together!

Get a Price Quote

Thanks! We’ll send you a price quote shortly.

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